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Vivekananda Institute of Technology (VIVTECH) is the engineering offshoot of SOHUM WORLD FOUNDATION- a non profit private trust, dedicated to the cause of education. VIVTECH is fast evolving as a promising centre of excellence in the field of technical education in India. Considered as the new dimension of engineering in India, VIVTECH boast of a campus ambience which is at par with the best in its league.

Contemporary society is nothing but a technological juggernaut, where human values are constantly eroding. The need of the hour is not only to roll out quality engineers, but also to innovate with a human face. And VIVTECH answers this quest by offering quality education with a futuristic vision involving lessons in characters building, packed into its curriculum. VIVTECH adhere to “empowering the self to serve” and “sensitizing the mind to care”.

Established in 2009, VIVTECH is approved by AICTE, affiliated to BIJU PATNAIK UNIVERSITY of TECHNOLOGY

Principal's Message

In pursuit of excellence in engineering study, we at VIVTECH; stimulate “Apparently Ordinary” to unusual effort, ensure the conditions for learning, Impart genuine values, awaken the natural curiosity and ensure “No Ragging in any form”.    more →

Dean's Message

Education, as defined in the past, is the tool to form civilized society. Its essence is the social cohesion, peace and harmony, enriching values and culture, and security. Paradigm has changed.    more →

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