Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering is an evergreen course for the large number of job avenues it has always opened for students in core sector industries and today some very interesting and modern opportunities have also come up exclusively for Electrical Engineering graduates, like Biomedical Electronics and Instrumentation Technology. Precisely, this is the reason why VIVTECH emphasizes on elaborate industry specific training as a part of its curriculum for Electrical Engineering.

The department provides in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge to undergraduate students and prepares them for industrial level potential challenges. Special emphasis is given on new developmental areas like electric power generation, transmission & distribution.

The department is equipped with the latest infrastructure and equipment and laboratories with state-of-the-art technology. The faculty members, with vast teaching experience in reputed technical institutes, while following regular teaching pattern, adopt an interactive method. Students for a better understanding actively participate in discussion with the faculty to clear their doubts. Periodic seminars and workshops are arranged where the faculty members share their expertise with students. Regular internal assessments also help in assessing and upgrading the students’ levels of learning.