Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering has always been a clear favorite among the engineering students. This branch of engineering hones up an individual’s technical skills. VIVTECH offers quality education in the mechanical engineering branch and prepare its students to take advantage of the job opportunities. The Institute’s infrastructural ingenuity, combined with advanced technological equipments, guidance of veteran faculties and exposure to industrial project work build a perfect ambience for students.

VIVTECH provides a full spectrum of mechanical engineering education in modern technology, to teach the design and production of mechanical systems that are essential for modern society’s needs. They help undergraduate students to develop the technological skills so as to meet the design and production challenges of mechanical engineering line of work.

VIVTECH offers one-to-one practical monitoring facilities under the expert supervision of experienced faculties & supervisors. Our study curriculum is Supported by latest TELS (Technology Enabled Learning System) developed by Andolasoft, Inc. USA.

Apart from the regular course curriculum, at VIVTECH we offer emphasis on subject areas like product design, manufacturing, development, testing, and also on industry level maintenance so as to prepare our students for any type of industrial requirements. We offer bachelors degree in mechanical engineering stream.